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A Brief History of Me

The first code I ever wrote was an AppleScript that automated invoice workflow. It enabled multiple recipients and printing invoices remotely from an online accounting package. Of course, it took over the whole screen spontaneously but it did the job. And I was pretty chuffed.
By 2015 I was managing the development and integration of a scheduling app and increasingly found myself dabbling in Javascript, until one day, I was coding full-time with Webix and DHTMLX. Fast foward to today and I am building great user experiences through beautiful, responsive, tested Node & React apps. Download Resume

What I Know

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), Git, React, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, SASS, Mongo, Express, Node, TypeScript, jQuery, Firebase - see examples

What I'm Eyeing Off

Modernizr, Jenkins, AWS, more SVG animations & more Vue

Am I Perfect?

Nope. But I will fix anything I break and I will always communicate with you so you know exactly where everything stands. I'm always learning, too, either through courses I've taken / taking or through peers and mistakes.

Things I Love

Coding. Building things with code. Learning what clever people are bringing to the world of coding. Talking technology. If you'd like to have a chat about what you're building / want to build, please drop me a line. Other topics we may like to discuss include: Formula 1.


Hand holding phone with draw app

Draw on a Photo

  • Brief: Create a simple way for managers to draw instructions on a photo without having to exit to another app.
  • Tech: React + Redux + Fabric
Code Demo

Draw On A Photo | See Code

Draw On A Photo

Github Octocat

Formula 1 Fantasy

  • Brief: Create a simple version of the Formula 1 Fantasy League. One week to build.
  • Tech: Ruby on Rails + Postgres + SCSS
Code Demo

Formula 1 Fantasy | See Code

Formula 1 Fantasy

Github Octocat


  • Brief: Build a clone of the popular Kahoot game. One week to build.
  • Tech: React + Ruby on Rails + Firebase
Code Demo

Kahootz | See Code


Github Octocat